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Roofing Supplement Estimate

Fast and Same Day Services Available

Fast and Same Day Services Available

We are a leader in Supplement Writing and Negotiation/Reconciliation. We offer services for commercial buildings and residential projects. We are a unique one-stop source for all weather related, water mitigation, & fire damage estimates. We recognize that repairing and rebuilding structures damaged as a result of water, fire, or storm damage requires a high level of professionalism in order to efficiently and effectively handle the claim. Get faster approvals with professionally written Hail Damage Restoration Estimates & Supplements for Insurance Claims TODAY. We are the Restoration Roofing Contractor’s advocate. As a result, Contractors can drastically increase their profit margin! Using our experience and balancing your need for an optimal profit in a minimal time frame, we are the perfect company to help you with all of your jobs! Our highly experienced Adjusters have processed millions of dollars in Insurance Claims for Hail Restoration Contractors! We value your company’s reputation, so we are trained in Xactimate scope items and supplementing to prove professionalism and competency. We have 25+ years of experience in Hail Damage Restoration, Insurance Claims Adjusting, and Negotiating! Instead of waiting 6 months or longer for an appraisal to finish, let us be YOUR claims team. Work with us to learn how to increase sales and streamline job processing.

How We Communicate With You throughout the Process. Contractor receives weekly update list that includes the status of each job. Open lines of communication for any questions via email, phone, text & social media. Direct phone calls when pertinent information is required

Full Supplement Writing & Negotiation Service

Supplement Writing

  • Contractor provides original insurance paperwork, Eagle view measurements, photos, list of additional supplementary items along with their corresponding measurements. Written permission from policy holder to Contractor provides permission for insurance to send approved scope
  • We analyze and write a supplemented scope of necessary work (based on damages, current municipal/state codes and additional materials provided)
  • Submission to Insurance
  • Our supplement, along with supporting documentation submitted to insurance adjuster for review
  • We conduct a speedy follow up to confirm that everything was received, that the insurance adjuster assigned is aware of the submission and to identify any other documentation required to gain approval


  • Thorough documentation of interaction with adjusters and persistent negotiation tactics to reach maximum supplement approval
  • Additional submission of any new found damages/subcontractor bids
  • We pursue re-inspections continuously until highest replacement cost value approved
  • Ensure delivery of approved supplement scope
  • File Final Invoice/Certificate Of Completion
  • Submission of final invoices and certificate of completion to guarantee supplemental/depreciation payments are issued to home owners
  • Closing Job
  • Confirmation to contractor of final approved amount and payment release