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About Our Company

About Our  Company

Founded in 2018, Results For You, LLC is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm focused exclusively on assisting contractors to manage their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a third party claims administrator and specialized consultant, we help contractors save time and money by offloading the management of their claims administration including both the estimates and supplements work processes.

Our services include a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities for you. In addition, we will provide thorough measurements that include guided plans with cost analyses, and instructions for informed business decisions. That’s how we ensure your success.

We aim to assist in a process we know quite well. Time is of the essence. Expenditures can be vast. We are equipped with essential technical skills to provide navigation and overall success to you. The integrity of our company will assure a quality return. Call us now.

How do you produce an estimate that has a quality return?

We review photos of dwellings to determine what line items were missed on the original Statement of Loss. We then review the local and building codes in your area to determine what materials can be upgraded within the policy. Finally, certain parts of construction process will be required in order to complete the job and put the policyholder back to like, kind and quality standards.

What is your average percentage increase?

The answer to your question, it is not a quick number. There are many variables that calculate to the total. Certain states have a better success rate with the supplement process. Certain insurance companies have policies toward completing a more thorough estimate up front. Results For You averages between a 20% to 30% increase on every 10 to 15 files contracted.  

Why Results For You is your best option?

We retain a staff of distinguished representatives that have invaluable experience working as staff adjusters for insurance carriers, independent adjusters, and construction personnel. Results For You understands the fundamental processes and industry standards that are imperative to the success of your business.